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Transition Mastery Group Mastermind for B2B Sales Executives

Master the SHIFT. Adapt with resilience. 
Reach your full potential.

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Change is inevitable. Suffering is a choice.


Over the last decade from 2012 to 2022, the average tenure with a company has dropped by 11% to 4 years. Today is the first time in US history when 4 generations of workers inhabit the workforce. 

That means people are working for longer periods of time, supply of workers is not limited, and if you decide to work for 5 decades, you will change your role at least 12x.

For many, managing the psychological SHIFTS of the transition, is what limits their resilience to adapt to change. It's not a common skill set taught in school like reading, writing, and arithmetic. The secret to preventing toxic chaos and creating clarity and peace is learning to master the SHIFT.

  • Would you like to secure your freedom & autonomy regardless of the economic conditions?
  • Have you ever felt stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel?
  • Are you ready to release the scarcity and unlock your next level of abundance?
  • Have you been struggling with uncertainty?
  • Enduring organizational restructuring and transitions?
  • Doing a job out of duty, not love?
  • Have you lost your voice or passion?
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Your Mindset Drives Sales Success


When you understand your purpose and align it with your career in sales,  you will have the inspiration and desire to be in the spirit of selling on a daily bais.


Your sales performance is determined by your mindset, not the sales process mechanics. Transform your mindset for the sales performance you desire.


Life change happens when you reconnect to your passion. The right mindset reconnects you with your passion and thus your sales success.

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Client Transformations

“Rhonda expertly helped me with a dilemma, bringing my awareness to alternatives I had not previously foreseen. She is an experienced business coach and one that will definitely augment and propel sales teams to reach greater potential.”

Marty Marston
Transformation Life Coach

“Rhonda helped me make sense of my relatively unclear direction with great patience. Her coaching allowed me to find the answers to life’s biggest questions and empowered me to put the blinders on and execute concrete plan for my next career move.”

Jeremy Maiorana
Orthotics Sales, Orthotic Holdings Inc.

“From many strategic think tank sessions with Rhonda, effective new tactics for gaining new clients were abundant. Rhonda is passionate and completely committed to her mission . . . all in! She certainly left me a better person both professionally and personally.”

Billie N. Bentley, MT (ASCP)
Regional Director, Business Development - Southeast

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Discover what's holding you back
so you can channel your Winning energy

The first step is to take your Energy Leadership Index Assessment today.

Coaching Options

The 6-month TRANSITION S.H.I.F.T. Forward Membership

$999 per month or $5000 PIF

Become part of an elite cohort community with likeminded individuals who are ready to play full out and committed to achieve their goals. Learn how to PIVOT forward with intention and purpose in any situation.  GROW forward with grace, confidence, clarity and peace to secure your freedom & autonomy. RECLAIM your inner BADASS to thrive abundantly!

✓ Month 1 (S.)- Learn that your role is not your soul. Take the ELI assessment to uncover your blind spot unconscious behavior triggers so you can stop dissipating your energy and channel it to win. Master sacrifice of your old story, find your voice, reveal your authenticity & confidently choose your next best path FORWARD!
✓ Month 2 (H.) Choose to heal in harmony or hurt in hate. Learn why the emotional charge in your electromagnet matters and why rejection and forgiveness are FOR your benefit.
✓ Month 3 & 4 (I.) Learn the processes integral to upleveling your Identity by innovation and evolution. Use your Imagination & Intuition to uplevel your self-worth and self-confidence. Create your new story with Intention & Desire and step into your inner BADASS to thrive!
✓Month 5 (F.) Learn the importance of leveraging your faith and focus. Build belief in the invisible using your insight instead of your sight. Leverage your heart power and the focus to channel your energy for more impact. 

✓ Month 6 (T.) Celebrate your Transformation and  new beginnings. Apply the principles of Investment &  Reciprocity to develop your own Profit Plan. Design your next 12 week year with KPIs to execute on the plan with complete ownership and radical responsibility! 

This program is for YOU if you want to turn your current ceiling into your new floor and experience the personal growth necessary to create the desired results in your life that you will love while helping your friends, family, and colleagues do the same.

This 6-month transformative membership includes:

- 24 Weekly Group Master Classes with Q&A for your cohort.

-Three Independent 60 min 1:1 session with Rhonda at the start, midpoint, and end of the cohort session.

- The Energy Leadership Index Assessment & debrief

-Access to an online portal of weekly video recording sessions and lesson materials for up to 12 months. 

Group discounts apply for teams of 5 or more.

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How it Works

1. Schedule your strategy call to determine why you are stuck. Is it the change or the transition?

2. Take the assessment to reveal what dissipates all your energy

3. Commit to Master the SHIFT to reclaim your inner BADASS and soar!

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Old mechanics,feature dumping, & pressure tactics will keep you stuck.


I know that you want to be a confident sales leader. In order to do that, you need to be in control of your destiny. The problem is, when uncertainty hits, reliance on old mechanics will not move you forward; it will keep you stuck on the hamster wheel to nowhere. Complacency causes replacement. Duty is obligation, not happiness. Spirit is movement, life!  We believe life’s too short to not do what you love and love what you do. And that means reaching your full potential.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a sales career, which is why I combined my 35-year sales and sales management career with mindset coaching.

Here’s how it works: Schedule a consultation to determine why you are stuck, get coaching specific to your needs, and start living life on your own terms.

Take the first step to get unstuck. Schedule a consultation and move forward with calm confidence to reach your full potential instead of running on the hamster wheel of complacency. You're worth it - ACT now!

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Many sales executives start out soaring, then experience a plateau in their careers when they’ve earned a certain title or income, or experienced a hailstorm that throws them off balance and leaves them feeling frustrated and uninspired.

I coach B2B MedTech sales teams to transform their mindset so they can release the virtual chains that keep them stuck and move forward in uncertainty inspired with confidence, competence, and clarity to play full out in complete control of their destiny.


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