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Aligning with Universal Law to Think and Act Forward for Profit

JUNE 11-13, 2024 | 12PM EST

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Will 2024 be the year you Cross the CHASM and gain market adoption for your disruptive technology?


Order is heavens first law.

Technology is absorbed on a curve and there is a scientific strategic process to gain market adoption.

If you have the strategy, there’s never been a greater time to be in the MedTech industry then NOW.

If you do NOT understand the non-linear strategy, you could run out of money before your tech gains adoption.

What's the difference between those who succeed and those who fail?

A few simple disciplines based on a timeless philosophy of INVESTMENT

practiced daily.

This event is FOR you if……

  • You want to have your life-saving or life-improving technologies adopted in the market to make positive impact on the human condition.
  • You want to know the misconceptions that have sent 75% of the players in MedTech on a road to ruin and AVOID them. 
  • You are a Visionary Leader who wants to PLAY the Infinite Game to win.
  • You want to eliminate blind spots and compress time by having a guide who has been where you are, show you the way.
  • You are a Visionary Leader & Trailblazer who desires to become the BEST in CLASS in your field. 
  • You want to lead & engage your team to become high IMPACT Profit Players.
  • You want to CREATE more positive IMPACT in the marketplace and leave your legacy body of work as an act of stewardship.

Say GOODBYE to misaligned “mechanical” sales processes and HELLO to timeless principles that CREATE Fun, Freedom & Fulfillment at work!

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🔖 Day 1

The 3 simple Disciplines of the Investment Philosophy and how to apply them to PILLAR One – PEOPLE and create some FUN again!

🔖 Day 2

PROCESSES - Learn the differences between the Top Performers and the bottom & why the PROs choose to become the best.

🔖 Day 3

Widen the GAP between the REVENUES you bring in and the expenses going out using PILLAR Three – VALUES Based Spending.


Josh Hollum

Director of Sales

As a seasoned sales rep, I’ve always invested in my professional development. Working with Rhonda has been a game changer. Rhonda’s approach is unique in that her methods are truly tailored to your specific goals. Rhonda will inspire and challenge you with her very distinct, thought-provoking process. This type of deep-dive approach really helped me to uncover and understand certain aspects of my goals and desires and my true reason for being. Implementing the changes into my sales approach has been seamless and I’ve realized success with ease because of it. I’ve been through two courses with Rhonda and plan to continue to do so. If you are a sales professional or manager looking to help your team grow, I highly recommend engaging with Rhonda.

Kenny Drew

Vice President of Commercial Operations, Vector Laboratories

Rhonda is a dedicated professional with a proven track record. Her leadership helped our sales team establish new annual sales records the three years I was there. She makes fair, well thought-out decisions and regularly encourages new ideas.

 Rhonda has served as a great mentor to me and has inspired me to be more everyday – to be the best person that I can be both personally and professionally.


President & CEO of 3x5Coaching 

B2B Med Tech Sales Expert - 38 years 

Author • Speaker • Consultant • Sales Leader • Technology Adoption Expert 

‣ Sales Process & Strategy Expert

‣ Chemist/Gardener

‣ Passionate about Selling and changing Corporate culture to one that values an Infinite Game, sees their employees  as their greatest asset, and their investment in the employee's personal development as their greatest competitive advantage.


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Transform your team's mindset to drive profit, engage your staff, and create a culture of champions. Learn how investing in your employees is your ultimate competitive advantage. Serve, invest, and transform your team's potential!