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Uncover Your Passion

Set Goals

Hit Your Stride

Focusing on the mechanics
of sales keeps you stuck

As a sales executive, you’re always working toward that next goal. Maybe you’re leading a team or enduring restructuring. And something just feels off.

Imagine what life would be like if you weren’t stuck. What if you went to work for satisfaction instead of out of duty?

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  • Hit a plateau in sales?
  • Stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel?
  • Enduring an organizational restructuring ?
  • Doing a job out of duty, not love?
  • Lost your voice or passion?

Your Mindset Drives Sales Success


When you understand your purpose and align it with your career in sales,  you will have the inspiration and desire to be in the spirit of selling on a daily bais.


Your sales performance is determined by your mindset, not the sales process mechanics. Transform your mindset for the sales performance you desire.


Life change happens when you reconnect to your passion. The right mindset reconnects you with your passion and thus your sales success.

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Client Transformations

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“Rhonda expertly helped me with a dilemma, bringing my awareness to alternatives I had not previously foreseen. She is an experienced business coach and one that will definitely augment and propel sales teams to reach greater potential.”

Marty Marston
Transformation Life Coach

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“Rhonda helped me make sense of my relatively unclear direction with great patience. Her coaching allowed me to find the answers to life’s biggest questions and empowered me to put the blinders on and execute concrete plan for my next career move.”

Jeremy Maiorana
Orthotics Sales, Orthotic Holdings Inc.

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“From many strategic think tank sessions with Rhonda, effective new tactics for gaining new clients were abundant. Rhonda is passionate and completely committed to her mission . . . all in! She certainly left me a better person both professionally and personally.”

Billie N. Bentley, MT (ASCP)
Regional Director, Business Development - Southeast

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in your sales performance

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1:1 Coaching

Develop self-awareness, recognize triggers, and break the cycle of life on autopilot

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Learn how to create and set goals for quantum leaps in your personal and professional life.

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Team Training

Individuals are the key to team success. Transform the mindset of your entire sales team for big results.

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How it Works

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1. Determine why
you're stuck

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2. Get a custom
coaching plan

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3. Start living life
on your own terms 

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Focusing on the Mechanics of Sales Keeps You Stuck


I know that you want to be a confident sales leader. In order to do that, you need to be in control of your destiny. The problem is, when you focus on the mechanics of the sales process, you become stuck on the hamster wheel in your career. You do your job out of duty not love. You’ve become complacent. We believe life’s too short to not do what you love to experience fulfillment. And that means reaching your full potential.

I know what it’s like to feel stuck in a sales career, which is why I combined my 35-year sales management career with mindset coaching.

Here’s how it works: Schedule a consultation to determine why you are stuck, get coaching specific to your needs, and start living life on your own terms.

Take the first step to get unstuck. Schedule a consultation and move forward with calm confidence to reach your full potential instead of running on the hamster wheel of complacency.

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Many sales executives start out soaring, then experience a plateau in their careers when they’ve earned a certain title or income, which makes them feel frustrated and uninspired. I coach B2B sales executives to transform their mindset so they can release the virtual chains that keep them stuck and move forward inspired in their career to play full out in complete control of their destiny.


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