This five-hour training program will be delivered via Zoom interactive meeting over 3 days.

Individual Investment - $2195
Teams of up to 12 people - $625 per person
Teams of 13-25 - $549 per person
Inquire for customization for groups over 25 people

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An Energy Leadership Assessment and debrief
Sell Well Participant e-Workbooks
Live interactive Zoom sessions
Day 1 – 2 hours;
Day 2 – 2 hours; &
Day 3 – 1 hour

Prior to the training, each participant will be provided an Energy Leadership Assessment and 30 min debrief. Selling is leading and this assessment will provide each participant with information on how they show up energetically under normal circumstances and under stress; will provide them a mirror of their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs; and the effect it has on their ability to engage, influence, & persuade in the sales and negotiation process. Forbes Magazine review of ELI Assessment

Live Interactive Agenda:

  • The Spirit of Selling is understanding the CAUSE of the sale and why working from the cause vs the effect. A game without spirit is a poor affair. An association in which there is no spirit will fall to pieces; a spiritless undertaking is sure to be a failure. By entering into the spirit of anything we establish the enlivened action and reaction between selling and ourselves. Creating value is the cause, the sale is the effect. The more we enliven the sales process, by creating value, the more we get into the spirit of it! If we are to awaken the spirit in others, we must be in the spirit of selling so the client will intuitively recognize it. The opposite of Spirit is Mechanics. We habitually look at the mechanical side of things by preference, yet law determines mechanics and not vice versa. The mechanical attitude of mind judges everything by the limitations of past experiences. By stepping over the threshold of mechanics to study the principal causes, we can create solutions and value regardless of changing outside circumstances. We create from within, the results on the outside only exhibit what the inside creates.
  • The Language of Selling is serving the client in every presentation, creating value, leaving them with an impression of increase. Selling from the place of “how can I help?” Ego is not your Amigo. Ego lives from the view of WIFM and clients can smell your commission breath. Spirit lives from “What is in Me for you?”
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