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Success is an Inside Job


The passionflower is fascinating. It is the only flower I know that grows inside out. It is my favorite symbol for success because it reminds me that we grow from the inside out.  

The dictionary defines success as “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Many people struggle to understand their purpose because they are looking for it in the wrong places.  They look outside themselves instead of inside or get caught up in their ego. Let’s be honest, we have all been there, done that.  It’s only when we come to understand that purpose is found inside, not outside, that we realize our spirit’s full expression of our heart’s desire to serve others and we see our purpose clearly and experience fulfillment by living it.

Face it, we all want success and fulfillment, it’s natural, and it’s good!  It is the magic inside us that causes us to preserve through the tough times and rise to life’s challenges and embrace them.  When you do what you love, add value, and live “on purpose, your spirit expands, and you experience fulfillment and your uniqueness.

Ego wants us to believe it is the ocean, when it is nothing more than a wave. Spirit is what connects all of us together as one. When our ego gets hit hard from a life blow, it’s our spirit that allows us to stand back up, not the ego. Often, it’s those hits to the ego that cause us to remember our identity as spirit. Those hits cause us to remember our stewardship, that we were sent to leave the planet a better place for those that follow us and that what we have to give, uniquely adds value to others and the planet.  Our spirit is deep inside us, and it’s what we want to connect with. True joy and fulfillment occur when we are fulfilling and aligned with our purpose.

Successful people see their purpose and select the vehicles that can take them where they want to go for fulfillment. Successful people set goals, not the ones they have done before or the ones that they think they can do, they set worthy goals that make them uncomfortable, inspired, and enable them to grow and expand. Successful people are Champions who understand the universe will respond to vision, emotion, and imagination created by thinking and expecting success. They are open to receive what they conceive in their mind.

So, what about you?” What is your aim and life purpose? Have you realized it’s not about you? Are you living on purpose? Are you setting goals to grow? If not, are you up for starting now?  What lights you up? Do you want to live your dreams and build your character? Are you choosing results or reasons? Want to know more?

Schedule a free 30 min session today to realize how professional coaching can help you uncover your purpose and unleash your true potential, passion, and power to serve the world. You can be, do, or have anything you set in your mind to accomplish. Passion is a state of surrender. Surrender is step 1 for personal growth.

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