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Buying And Selling Is An Emotional Transaction

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If you are new to sales, let me share with you an important distinction that will enable you to create much wealth in your sales career. If you are already in sales, this concept will help your sales to skyrocket!

The Distinction To Remember Is You Are Selling Ideas And People Buy Those Ideas Based On Emotion, Not Logic.

For example, if we bought cars for transportation due to logic, we wouldn’t care what vehicle got us to where we want to go. However, we don’t buy a car based on logic, do we? We buy the car we like because of how we feel in it, yes or yes?

People buy for two reasons only-to gain profit (anticipation) or avoid loss(apprehension), both are emotions. We are emotional spiritual beings activated by our 5 senses. People take action based on the emotions they feel. Simply put–people buy when they feel good.

The difference between world-class sales professionals and average sales professional is that the world-class sells heart to heart. They focus on helping their prospects get what they want. They understand the importance of connecting with the buyer’s emotions and uncovering the buyer’s heart’s desire and motive before they make any sales presentation. They have emotional awareness and know the positive impact it makes on sales.

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