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Art Of The Story In Selling

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How many of you can think of a time when you bought something you wanted and the experience was pleasurable? You may have said something like, that was easy or boy that salesperson was great! Can you think of a time when you went to buy something and felt hustled or annoyed after that experience? Ever wonder what the difference is?

A great salesperson has a half dozen good habits that they do extremely well. It is a learned art. First, they have a certain mindset. The mindset is based on 3 fundamentals, people buy what they WANT, not what the need; People buy based on emotional charge, and salespeople get paid for solving buyer’s problems. Like every artist, they realize the perspective of the client is the STAR in their painting.

They utilize their curiosity to understand “What does this client really WANT?” They acknowledge and validate what they hear with the client. Using their imagination, they paint a vivid word picture using effective communication skills to reach the mind of the prospective buyer with more than one of the five senses and appeal to all motives uncovered. Why do they do that you might ask? Because they know that selling becomes easy if the right motive is injected into the selling argument. They understand people buy for pleasure or to avoid pain. They Understand They Are Getting Paid To Solve A Problem And If The Client Sees Themselves With That Problem Solved, The Client Will Feel Good And The Client Will Buy.

The Focal Point Of Their Art Is The Customer Achieving Their Motive And Feeling Excited About It.

Once this foundation is understood the painting and selling preparation begins. The canvas for their art is the imagination of the prospective buyer’s mind. They sketch and outline a visual picture for the client of how the problem can be solved and fill in details with ideas as their paint. They center the customer’s motive in the middle of the visual picture they paint–it’s the focal point of what they want their client to see. The details and ideas are articulated with clarity so crisp that the client sees the picture as the path to their heart’s desire and how pleasing that picture looks. The true masters paint action, reality, and life into the picture so the customer is emotionally charged and excited about making it happen.

They present with showmanship and enthusiasm for what they sell! They understand that their presentation of the product must be a story as interesting as a play or movie. The conversations take a prospective buyer through the same processes of a good drama or action movie. They garner the client’s attention with suspense, anticipation, curiosity, excitement, engagement, and tug at the heartstrings. Think of it as an artist preparing the canvas for the paint.

Last and most important, they establish trust and credibility with the client and reassure them that they are in good hands. They sell the client on themselves and how they can attain their desire and assure them they will receive the best possible service, so they can walk through the door to achieve their desire.

Before Making Your Next Sales Call Remember The Artist Approach:

  • Have a mental sales mindset – focus on what people WANT and remember that you are being paid to solve problems.
  • Be curious and interested intellectually and emotionally in your client when your energy resonance matches the buyer’s, you have neutralized their state of mind and prepared the canvas.
  • Listen with your heart for the buyer’s motives and wants – this is the focal point of your story & your sale.
  • Acknowledge and validate everything you hear with the prospective buyer.
  • Create solutions for the buyer with ideals that paint a vivid picture of the buyer’s goal being achieved using more than one of the 5 senses.
  • Sell the client on themselves and provide reassurance and excellent service. Leave the buyer in a better place than you found them.

Selling Is An ART Of Reading The Desire In Your Buyers’ Heart, Visually Painting The Picture Of How Their Desire Can Be Fulfilled, And Gaining Their Agreement To Make That Desire A Reality.

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