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Step off the Hamster Wheel | Claim your FREEDOM!

Break free from the Virtual chains that hold you back!

Have you ever had that trapped “hamster wheel" feeling? If you do, understand
that feeling is a signal of imbalance in your autonomic nervous system (ANS). It’s
your nervous system’s response to your thoughts and your environment that has
you spinning on the hamster wheel.

This nervous system response can be observed in nature. The ANS has duality for
balance. As an example, when a deer is under attack from a coyote, the fight or
flight response gets activated so the deer can outrun the coyote and survive; as
soon as the deer gets away, the rest and repair response kicks in naturally while
the deer grazes so it can be ready for action.

Unlike the animals who operate strictly on instinct, in balance, in nature;
humans can consciously or unconsciously choose their thoughts and
environment. Your thoughts, actions and environment cause your vibration. The
sum of your choices of thoughts and environment determines the absence or
presence of balance in the nervous system.

Think about it. Every thought you think, that is either feared or revered releases
a chemical in your body. When your thoughts are based in love, your nervous
system releases oxytocin and endorphins. These chemicals make you feel good,
and activate the rest & repair response for your organs. When your thoughts are
based in fear, your nervous system releases cortisol; when that happens, you
experience stress because the “fight or flight” response is activated in your

This response system enabled human survival when we were under attack and
being pursued by T-Rex. The adrenal glands activate the release of cortisol in
your body so you can run, fight or hide. In that state, all of your energy is
funneled into your body's organs, away from your brain and heart. The
sympathetic nervous response consumes incredible amounts of energy.
That’s why you feel tired, overwhelmed, and exhausted. High levels of cortisol
decrease magnetism. When your thoughts are disrupted, you experience
disorder. There is no time to dream, plan, or CREATE when you are under attack.
There is no rest and repair going on when you are in a state of stress.
Everyone can handle some amount of stress, it’s the prolonged rush of adrenal
that keeps you trapped and stuck. In that state, your thoughts are concentrated
more upon what you do not want so you can survive than they are on what you do
want to thrive. Simply put you are giving your focus and attention to the
momentum “out there” and you let what you observe on the physical plane, the
ISNESS of reality, control your thoughts. You have given your power away. The
hamster wheel feeling originates from an overproduction of cortisol over an
extended period of time. That imbalance causes dis-ease.


Here’s how the virtual chains that keep you stuck get built. On a daily basis we
think over 70,000 thoughts and most of those thoughts are habitual. Every
experience we encounter ends with an emotion. Think about it, the day you rode
your bike for the first time, or the day you drove your car alone for the first time,
got married, got divorced, went to college, had a baby or grandchild, got your
promotion or first job or lost a job, fell in love or got your heart broken – all of
those experiences ended with an EMOTION. So, emotion is a record of the PAST.

It’s the repetition of the thought and the attachment to the emotion (from a past
experience) that causes the conditioning and formation of the virtual chains. You
fire and wire the same thoughts in your brain repetitively. Your body, your
habitual behavior, becomes stronger than your mind. Your habits have more
control on you than your free will.

Conditioning only requires two things: an image AND an emotion. All of your
memories are stored in your brain. All those memories have emotions.

Emotion is “energy in motion” and when we attach ourselves to that emotion and
continually latch on to it, we begin to hardwire ourselves with virtual chains to
the past. The emotion’s charge can become addictive because the release of the
energy can make you feel alive. But if the energy released is heavy catabolic
energy instead of light anabolic energy it can alienate other people, resulting in
less engagement, leaving others uninspired, and reduce conscious choice.
The more you remember and associate what happens in the present to your past,
the more you strengthen and hard wire those memories in your brain. You
become “familiar” with those memories and emotions; you become comfortable
with them. And in survival we seek comfort. Under stress, we resist being

And therein lies the trap. If you are “attached” to an emotion that is not
empowering you, yet you keep thinking about it, living from the past, you have
built your own virtual chains that hold you back. You are now on the hamster
wheel and a victim of your past.

So how do you break free? If our emotions are a record of the past, and our
thoughts create our experience, can we condition our brain to experience a
different emotion by changing our thoughts, actions, and environment?

YES! If you can get beyond your analytical mind and open your heart to become
passionate about the vision of your future, the energy of the future will draw
your attention. Your subconscious mind is totally subjective; it cannot tell the
difference between something real or imagined. When you take subjective
control of your mind you take your power back!

Your brain is only a record of the past until you realize that it can be the map of
your future.

Here are 3 tips to start breaking your virtual chains so you can get off “the
wheel” and move forward towards your compelling future:

1. Recognize if you are on the hamster wheel. Information drives your
awareness. Awareness awakens consciousness. If you agree that your thoughts
are creating your reality and you accept the idea that every thought you have is
releasing a chemical in your body and you feel worn out and tired acknowledge
you are out of balance. It’s the chemical imbalance and overstimulation of
cortisol in your body that drains your energy and causes dis-ease. Accept the
idea that you can change your energy and your life by altering your thoughts,
actions, and environment. Assume and take responsibility of your choices, your
free will. Energy matters and a higher elevated energy will break the chains of
the past. Allow yourself to evaluate and accept some new ideas. What you can
conceive and believe you can achieve. If you do so, you can reclaim your freedom.

2. Schedule time “to know thyself.” Win the morning, win the day. When
you are able to shut out the external stimuli and become familiar with who you
are, you will begin to understand you are not your thoughts. You can choose
thoughts to create ideas or release them, but those thoughts are not YOU. YOU
are your awareness. 95% of our behavior is unconscious. When you start to
“observe” your unconscious behavior and your thoughts, you objectify the
subjective; you understand you can change your behavior by controlling yourself
and your attention. You can reclaim your power. Meditation allows your body to
relax, repair, and renew. It provides a means to redirect energy from the body
back to the brain and heart for coherence. Order and balance in the mind and
body will amplify your magnetism so you can attract more to you without effort.
When you slow down the brain waves to a relaxed state of serenity you can begin
to condition your mind with the vision of your compelling future. You can begin
to experience your future in your imagination and the emotions of those new
future memories will break your virtual chains and set you free! If you are going
to master yourself and your attention, so you can give yourself an order and
follow it, consider a daily ritual for meditation.


3. Use Gratitude & Service to increase your magnetism. The easiest way to
feel good is to do something for someone and/or to express gratitude or grace.
Grace and appreciation places you on the frequency of receiving. When you are
thinking about what you appreciate and are grateful for, you already have
received it. An open heart, ready to receive is an elevated emotion. An open heart
promotes balance and strengthens your inner world. When you begin to create
from the heart, what you desire will be drawn toward you, it’s law. A higher level
of energy will always break a lower level of energy. In an elevated state of energy,
you can release the virtual chains of your past bonds and fall in love with your
future. Be a giver and practice gratitude.

At 3x5 Coaching, we believe life is too short, not to do what you love! Reduce your
stress, and become more. Realize the potential that lies within!

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