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How to avoid the fatal 2 mistakes that cause 90% of your OBJECTIONS

There are two common traps that new sales representatives can fall into that will cause 90% of the objections to stall and derail the sales cycle. They are making assumptions and lack of preparation.

#1 Making Assumptions

So many times, a sales person will make an assumption about what is wrong with the organization or what the executive is dealing with internally. They make that assumption because they want so desperately for what they are selling to be something that person sitting across the table needs. Your passion and enthusiasm for your product is a good thing but you need to allow the buyer to tell you what they need and if it’s something they want to do something about.


The minute you offer a solution too quickly is when you will get the objections and experience the kiss of death. Whether you realize it or not, you just insulted your buyer and they will shut down which means you will get shut out. Imagine a marriage counselor coming up to you at a party and telling you they can improve your marriage and you never said anything to them about your marriage. Or a hair dresser approaching you to tell you they could give you a new great look when you thought your hairdo looked great.


They are thinking, why are you telling me I have this problem when I haven’t said I have this problem? That’s what causes them to become defensive and to bring up objections leaving you on a slippery slope. Instead of making an emotional composite with them to connect, presenting too soon activated the trap door in their mind, their RAS (reticular activating system) to close and separate from you.

Objections come when your solution is not properly aligned with your prospective client’s problem. A misalignment of your solution may not be their biggest area of dissatisfaction. You don’t want to hear them say that’s nice but not what I need right now. Remember that until you get them to voice their problem in detail and their opinion of it, you do not have a right to offer a solution. Your role is to guide and facilitate a transformation. 


Tip: Uncover these 4 points in your investigation before aligning and presenting a customized solution:

  •  Draw out the problem in detail
  • What is magnitude of problem?
  • What are the consequences/impact if they do nothing about it?
  • Are they willing to tackle a solution now or later?


Have the discipline to stick to the sales process. Unless you hear from the mouth of the buyer that they have an issue you can address with your solution, you do not know what’s really going on or what they are dealing with. This is most fatal mistake you can make because you are disconnecting yourself from the buyer. You are selling to a mind not a machine. The goal of every sales call is to connect, not to separate. When you are in misalignment, there is no path to a YES. You never want to be caught proposing a solution to a problem they do not have. Prepare and craft questions that determine if the client has a problem that they want to fix that your product or service can solve. Ask their opinion of the problem like you would ask about their opinion of a restaurant. The opinion of problem tells you how big it is and if they want to do something about it. 

#2 Lack of Preparation

The Pros prepare, plan and practice. Amateurs do not. People want to buy from the Pros. 


Ask yourself these questions:

  •  “How do I want to show up and be remembered in the marketplace?”
  • “Am I willing to raise my standards to improve my performance?
  •  “Do I want to master my sales process and play the infinite game of sales like a pro?” 


When you arrive, unprepared for the call, you irritate your clients. Wasting executives time is disrespectful. Time is more valuable than money because you can never accumulate it or get it back. Executives will not give you a second chance if you waste their time. If you create value for them, you will have repeat performances. A new customer is cool but a repeat customer is even cooler. 


The masters follow these steps: Prepare, Plan & Perform. Become the Master by practice. 

Tip: The Preparation Checklist


  • What is your background information on the organization? On the executives? On the 4 buyer influencers (economic, user, technical and coach?)
  • How will you open the call and build rapport?
  • What questions will you use during the Investigation stage?
  • What’s your plan for demonstrating capability?
  • Have you prepared and practiced your questions?
  • What are the key selling messages; Advantages; & Benefits you will use to differentiate your product?
  • How will you gain a commitment?


The sales process must be practiced and polished. Follow the process. Do not skip steps. Remember, order in the sales process creates orders!


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