The Opulence Code


Have you been wondering what is the main thing that is holding you back from living a life of opulence?

It is your beliefs and habits.

You have divinity within you, an inner critic, and an inner ally within. However, the inner critic is running your life on autopilot.

How to remove the inner critic virus within and unleash your infinite potential?

The answer lies deep within your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is known as our emotional mind, our true heart of hearts where our passions and desires live charged in emotion. It’s the powerhouse that produces 95% of our results.

There’s a reason we do not hear much about living a life of opulence. We have all been domesticated to adopt beliefs and behaviors that were not our own and presented with reward or punishment based on what others deem as acceptable. We have been living in the fog with faulty programming.

Now it is time to step into the light!

Here is what you will learn in these masterclass series:

1. Awareness of domestication and attachments
2. Giving unconditional love for yourself and others
3. Recognizing your triggers and maneuvering the traps
4. How to break the cycle of autopilot
5. Taking off the mask and revealing your authenticity
6. Setting worthy goals
7. Operate from creation vs competition
8. Become a center of distribution for good
9. Adopt the model of true opulence – live and let live.

You will also get:

– The book by Bob Proctor “You Were Born Rich
– The Anatomy of Decision Making Masterclass


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