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I am a Champion Mindset Coach with 35 years of Corporate Sales and Sales Management experience. My coaching empowers individuals and organizations to meet and exceed their revenue targets. My clients experience personal transformation that unleashes their potential and Improves their effectiveness and productivity. Businesses benefit from this mindset by creating a culture that promotes thinking, imagination, and fun improving profits and employee retention.

I love sales. It’s challenging and offers limitless income possibilities. I love coaching. It offers limitless growth opportunities for my clients and for me because we go through the process together.


Together, we will:

  • explore your values,
  • identify your primary aim and the aim of your business, 
  • assess where you are now and where you want to go, 
  • transform your self-image to reflect the person you want to become,
  • develop an action plan for your personal and professional growth.

I work with champions, leaders, who know school is never out. I hold my clients accountable to take massive action that produces results. When clients work with me, they are empowered with spirit and a strong mind for a strong life. 

Let me help you adapt to constant change, leave your comfort zone, and unleash your true potential and power in all phases of your life. Create and attract the life of your dreams now!

3x5 Coaching LLC is in the personal development business helping people and organizations unleash and activate their inner power, passion, and potential.  We believe that everyone can take control of their inner power by controlling their thoughts and attitude and wield their power to create life on their terms, to become the STAR of their movie instead of a supporting actor.  We specialize in empowering sales professionals and entrepreneurs with a champion mindset that enables them to fully express their unique talents and gifts.  I started this business because I was tired of being trapped in a job where I was not growing, I was not being appreciated or valued, and I was being intimidated with insults and degradation.  I knew there was a better way.

We partner with individuals and institutions who embrace an infinite mindset, who know and understand why they are in business, who they serve, and embrace the concept of an infinite game to continually increase the quality and quantity of service provided.  These champions see opportunities to provide order where disorder exists, and realize their employees are their greatest assets.  If you are looking to develop your greatest asset, the power of your mind, we invite you to engage in a conversation of possibility - contact us today!

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My Story

I founded this organization in November 2017 with the purpose and intention to provide a service to empower people and organizations to realize and activate their true potential and power. I have been curious for years as to why human beings are only using less than 10% of their true potential. Upon finding the answer, I decided to share it with as many people who are interested to learn and take action to grow. 

I get my curiosity, courage, and bravery from my father, who was a State Police investigator. He taught me about the power of effective questioning and I adopted it for the selling process to understand what buyers really want.  Mom was a nurse and gardener and taught me how to care for others, nurture for growth, and the importance of leaving the world in a better place than I found it for the benefit of those that come behind me.

My strengths and values are Tenacity, Enthusiasm, Results, and passion for Spiritual/Personal Growth, Family, Self-Reliance, Self-expression, Freedom, Courage, & Integrity. 

I am a Certified Core Energy Coach, a master Energy Leadership Index Practitioner, a member of the International Coaching Federation and a Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant. 

Work with me to increase your self-confidence and discover your primary aim. Bring out the best version of yourself and serve others for fulfillment of your purpose.


My Mission

My mission is to empower people and organizations to realize and activate their true potential and power based on high conscious awareness, courage, love and passion. I work with individuals, leaders, and corporations who want and desire fulfillment, results, and accountability. 

Many sales organizations and sales professionals today are struggling with the degree of change and speed of change in the marketplace. The question we face is how to continually improve our service, and adapt to change while achieving excellence and consistent sales performance.  The answer is a new way of thinking, to recognize and alter our paradigms, thinking into results as change happens. Success is not a mystery; it is a system.

If you agree you don’t know everything and are willing to get out of your comfort zone and grow, we can help you observe in full living color how you can create and continually drive sales excellence in your organization no matter how fast things change. By working with me you will receive a customized internal assessment, a systems strategy solution proposal, and a new paradigm to produce results consistently and efficiently, so you can serve others and have fulfillment.  

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